Capturing your memories to cherish and enjoy
    for a lifetime is our specialty!

    Tom's Videography has been recording precious wedding memories for over 25 years. We have a passion for creating a unique and personal video to showcase your special day. There is no one else quite like you and your spouse-to-be, so don't settle for a wedding videographer that will simply tape your day and throw together a generic video.

We will make sure to tailor your wedding video to your distinct personality and style. Whether you want an elegant, fun, or theatrical video, we can customize your DVD to you and your spouse. Many times, a couple will have a specific theme for their wedding, and we will make sure to incorporate that into your video as well.

Everything from the bride's trip to the salon to that special dance with your new spouse will be captured with the highest quality images and paired with the music you choose. We can even put together a short photo montage for your reception, show casing images of both of you growing up. What a great way to share your past with your new family!

Some of the greatest compliments we have ever received is when one of our past clients have come to us and introduced us to their children, telling them that we were the ones who put together the wedding video they had been watching. Knowing that we still play such an important role in their lives, as well as the lives of their children, makes what we do that much more meaningful.

With everything that you are going to spend money on for your wedding, the two most significant investments will be your videography and photography. Those two items will help you remember and cherish every single detail of your special day. From the small tear coming down the father of the bride's cheek as he sees his beautiful daughter for the first time to the first gentle kiss you share as husband and wife, no detail will be forgotten when you have those special photos and video to capture it all.

Aside from your main wedding video, we also offer many additional options that you can take advantage of.

Don't want to share your entire wedding video with your family and friends? We can create a Highlight video section, which will showcase what happened at your wedding in about four to five minutes.

What about having an intimate three to four minute video of you (the bride), show casing the intricate details and elegance of your gown? You only get to wear it once, so make sure you don't forget even the slightest element.

We can even preserve those honeymoon pictures from after your wedding on a DVD, paired to the type of music you might have heard while you were there. (Of course, we will only use the images that you are willing to share with us.)

Any of these additional options, along with your main video, will take you right back to the place you were during that special day in your life. Never forget a moment!

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