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Tom's Videography offers a wide range of Videography services

We video your...
  • Weddings
  • Receptions
  • Graduations
  • Area Sports
  • Pageants | Special Events
  • Plays and Music Recitals
We also offer...
  • Growing Up Video Photo Montages
  • Duplication Services
  • Transfer of photos, slides & 8mm movies to DVD or VHS
  • Business Promotional DVD productions 
Why hire a professional?
The videographer is one of the most important people at your wedding. Be sure to select a professional...

A professionally done wedding videotape is a vibrant memento you will cherish and be proud to share with your family and friends.

Nothing is more moving than reliving your vows hearing the little things said to each other … seeing the kiss ... watching as you take your first steps down the aisle as husband and wife.

This is why you want a videographer who is not only skilled, but positive and helpful even to the extent of helping you relax (as much as possible) on your special day. We at Tom's Videography do just that. Drawing from our experiences, we can even offer useful suggestions about certain segments of the service. We video about 35-40 weddings yearly.

Our goal is to hear you say, upon viewing the finished product, the video was one of the best investments of your wedding. An investment, not an expense, to be enjoyed over and over.

We will come to the rehearsal and video a small portion. But we're there mainly to meet the family and wedding party, and to view the church and speak to the officiant. We will determine the best locations for the cameras and inspect the sound system.

We charge by the event, not by the hour. A complete filming can last several hours. We cover the rehearsal, photo session, wedding and reception, plus other parts of the wedding you may not have thought about.

When choosing a videographer, shop around, ask to see samples of their work, and talk to people they have served. The videographer is there not just to tape a wedding, but to record a beautiful, timeless story.

Tom's Videography is a member of the Wedding & Event Videographers Association (WEVA). To learn more about the wedding packages, photo montages, prices and dates, call 309-586-4111 or

Why not uncle Bob?
Before you decide to use a relative or a non-professional to video your wedding, here are a few questions to ask...
  • Have they ever video-taped a wedding before?
  • Will they use wireless mikes to capture wedding vows?
  • Will they zoom in to capture expressions?
  • What type of equipment will they be using?
  • Do they have extra batteries for backup?
  • Are they capable of adjusting to different lighting? Sunlight? Candlelight?
  • Will they capture still shots?
  • Are they able to edit, add music and credits and still keep background ambience?
Remember, this is a one-time event, and should something go wrong ... they're still related to you!
After the wedding...
After the wedding, reception and honeymoon are over, what do you have left?
  • The invitations were all sent except for your keepsake
  • The wedding gown will be cleaned and stored away
  • The rented tuxedos have been retuned to the store
  • The flowers have been preserved or have perished
  • The cake has been eaten ~except for the top)
  • The reception food was served
  • The reception facility is being used for another event
  • The DJ was paid and has left the building
  • The limo is on the road again...
However, you will be able to enjoy time and time again your wedding video and photographs. You've invested so much in your special event, wouldn't you agree that it just makes sense to hire a professional?


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